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Fedora Core 4 (FC4) promises the latest and greatest of the free and open source world, including GNOME 2.10 and KDE 3.4. Red Hat's developers also introduced a new default desktop theme called Clearlooks, which evolved from the Bluecurve theme, which has been the default since Red Hat Linux version 8.0. Some important features:E Support for the PowerPC (PPC) architecture.E GCC 4.0E GNOME 2.10E KDE 3.4 includes new accessibility features. You can manage these new features in KDS Control CenterRegional & AccessibilityAccessibility.E Native Eclipse 3.1M6 (part of a free Java stack)E MySQL 4.1E PHP 5.0E Xen 2 (virtualization to run multiple versions of an OS)E GFS 6.1-0.pre22 (cluster file system)E Evince 0.2.1 (universal document viewer)E GDM 2.6 - Includes early login capabilityE SELinux This release includes coverage for 80 new daemons by the targeted policy. There are changes to the handling of Booleans. The targeted policy is enabled by default.

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