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ocl4java 1.0

OCL4Java is a pre-compiler(ant and eclipse) to include OCL-Constrains as Java5 Annotations in the Source-Code and have code to check them generated with a user-defined reaction to violations. (Does not change line-numbers for the debugger)


Kdevelop 3.2.0

Kdevelop is a new C++ development environment for UNIX and KDE. It makes creating and developing GNU Standard applications an easy task, even for beginners.


NetBeans 4.1

This is an integrated development environment used as a tool for programmers to edit, compile, debug, and deploy programs. NetBeans primarily focuses on Java development, but can also support other programming languages. It is written in Java, which means that it will run on any operating system where Java is available. It is a free product developed under open source license, with no restrictions on its usage. NetBeans IDE is a modular IDE, with free and commercial add-ons available for it. The core of NetBeans IDE, the NetBeans Platform, can also be used separately, to build any kind of application.

GNU Make

GNU Make 3.79.1

Make is a tool which controls the generation of executables and other non-source files of a program from the program's source files. Make gets its knowledge of how to build your program from a file called the makefile, which lists each of the non-source files and how to compute it from other files. When you write a program, you should write a makefile for it, so that it is possible to use Make to build and install the program. Capabilities of Make - Make enables the end user to build and install your package without knowing the details of how that is done -- because these details are recorded in the makefile that you supply. - Make figures out automatically which files it needs to update, based on which source files have changed. It also automatically determines the proper order for updating files, in case one non-source file depends on another non-source file. As a result, if you change a few source files and then run Make, it does not need to recompile all of your program. It updates only those non-source files that depend directly or indirectly on the source files that you changed. - Make is not limited to any particular language. For each non-source file in the program, the makefile specifies the shell commands to compute it. These shell commands can run a compiler to produce an object file, the linker to produce an executable, ar to update a library, or TeX or Makeinfo to format documentation. - Make is not limited to building a package. You can also use Make to control installing or deinstalling a package, generate tags tables for it, or anything else you want to do often enough to make it worth while writing down how to do it.


iStumbler 0.95

iStumbler is the leading wireless discovery tool for Mac OS X, providing plugins for finding AirPort networks, Bluetooth devices and Bonjour services with your Mac.Release 95 adds the Spectrum Widget which displays the signal strength history of all visible

Chipmunk BASIC

Chipmunk BASIC 3.6.1

Chipmunk Basic for MacOS is an old-fashioned Basic interpreter which runs on almost all Macs. Chipmunk Basic uses a vintage traditional-style command-line console, but note that line numbers are not required to run Basic program written using an external

iTunes Music Store Player

iTunes Music Store Player 0.1

iTunes Music Store Player allows you to play multiple tracks off of the iTunes Music Store without having to manually double click and start playing the next one. Usage example: go to the music store (in iTunes 4) and do a search on "jazz". it will spit



GtkDatabox is a widget for the Gtk+-library designed to display large amounts of numerical data fast and easy. One or more data sets of thousands of data points (X and Y coordinate) may be displayed and updated in split seconds. The widget is therfore used in many scientific and private projects that need to show quickly changing data "live".GtkDatabox offers the ability to zoom into and out of the data and to navigate through your data by scrolling.In addition to rulers and a simple coordinate cross, GtkDatabox now also allows you to add one (or even more) configurable grids like on an oscilloscope. Data may be presented as dots, lines connecting the data, or vertical bars. The widget allows you to easily transform pixel coordinates into data coordinates, thus allowing you to easily create powerful applications for data analysis. GtkDatabox is free software and distributed under the GNU LESSER General Public License (LGPL).


Documancer 0.2.6

It has several advantages over using web browser or specialized format-specific viewers (such as info): - unified access to all documentation formats. - the GUI is better suited for documentation reading that generic web browser. - documancer can create fulltext index for the docs and enables the user to quickly search it. - bookmarks and indexes are manual-specific, which reduces false matches and chaos in bookmarks.


Ruby-GNOME2 0.13.0

Ruby-GNOME2 is a set of Ruby language bindings for the GNOME 2.0 development environment.


Bakery 2.3.15

- Bakery provides a Document/View architecture, but it doesn't force you to use the whole architecture. - Bakery can use XML as a Document storage format, if you like. - Bakery provides default functionality, which can be easily customized. - Bakery makes it easy to start developing GNOME applications. - Bakery gives your application structure. - Bakery contains a few utility classes.


wxWidgets 2.6.0

wxWidgets gives you a single, easy-to-use API for writing GUI applications on multiple platforms. Link with the appropriate library for your platform (Windows/Unix/Mac, others coming shortly) and compiler (almost any popular C++ compiler), and your application will adopt the look and feel appropriate to that platform. On top of great GUI functionality, wxWidgets gives you: online help, network programming, streams, clipboard and drag and drop, multithreading, image loading and saving in a variety of popular formats, database support, HTML viewing and printing, and much much more."Excellent, stable and intuitive API. Very straightforward to learn and easy to port Java, X11 and Win32 code to.""Thanks heaps for the best piece of software I've ever come across.""wxWidgets 2 has been an absolute dream.""I've never had an easier porting experience.""I never thought that cross-platform development could be so easy and simply cool.""I have used wxWidgets in the past very successfully on multiple projects, and think it's the bee's knees. Thanks for everything!""wxWidgets is jaw dropping amazing. Community support from the mailing list is extraordinary. Are you sure this is free?""wxWidgets is one of the most magnificent development projects in existence.."

! TreePad Lite for Linux

! TreePad Lite for Linux 2.2.0

Award winning, pioneer Tree-structured PIM, Database, Advanced Search + Text Editor with hyperlink support, TreePad is not only highly intuitive, versatile + powerful, but also easy to install. Edit, Organize, Store, Browse, Search + Retrieve your notes, emails, texts, hyperlinks -any kind of data- as easily as browsing the Win-Explorer! TreePad Lite for Linux is an efficient time + disk-space saver.


BugPort 1.136

The BugPort system is an open-source, freely available, web-based system to manage tasks and defects throughout the software development process. BugPort is written with the PHP language using its object-oriented capabilities and is in use by INCOGEN for internal management of software development and QA.

db4o for Java

db4o for Java 5.0

db4o (database for objects) is the open source object database, native to Java.Free software, available under the GPL and under a commercial license.Persist any object with one line of code. Other features are object-oriented replication, Native Queries, automatic schema recognition, 350K footprint.Ideal for embedded use, e.g., in software running on mobile or medical devices, in packaged software, and for real-time systems.


Envirolyzer 1.22

Created to help you streamline your programming and site administration tasks, Envirolyzer automatically analyzes your server and client environments including paths to Perl, Qmail and Sendmail and returns an easy-to-read report in your web browser.

FileMaker 7 AppleScript Reference

FileMaker 7 AppleScript Reference 2.0

The FileMaker 7 AppleScript Reference document provides a quick reference guide to commonly used FileMaker 7 AppleScript commands. This document provides a description of each code example, the FileMaker 6 example code, and the FileMaker 7 example code

MSCBlob for Linux

MSCBlob for Linux 2.0

MSCBlob (Binary Large Object) is an auxiliary component for data blocks storing and transmitting. It could contain a raw data and represent it as a binary or string. There are 3 alternative string representations: as-is, Base64 and Hex. Also has an ability to save and load data from files on disk.

Menu Builder OS

Menu Builder OS 1.0

Menu Builder can be used for navigation buttons or to display an image at any size. It was designed to overcome problems found with using JavaScripts for rollovers in page inserts. Menus need to be fast loading, retrievable from cache, and workable with


textonly 1.1

This script automatically converts pages on your site to 'text only' on the fly for those who want faster access and don't have a quick modem. It maintains most links within the site, removing images and table tags and doesn't harm links outside of the site. Simply put a link to the script on each page, and the script does the rest. It reads the data on the page, removing non-text information.